£158,000 BID cash grants

£158,000 BID cash to support events and businesses

The Crieff Succeeds BID team has outlined plans to open two brand new grant schemes worth £158,000 for local Crieff based event organisers and local businesses.

The Crieff BID plans set aside £80,000 to support local events and festivals. Organisers will be able to apply to the new Crieff Succeeds BID Events and Festivals Grant Scheme. The awards will be made by the BID Board and look to support local event organisers cover costs such as; event management, insurance, promotion, website development or equipment hire. To be successful the applicant must be able to show the event will help boost the local Crieff economy.

The BID also plans to open a £78,000 Business Improvement Grant Scheme aimed at helping businesses attract more customers and help their bottom line. Applications will be welcomed for; staff training, building business capacities such as a new website, help in opening up on-line trading, business planning, marketing and improvements to premises.

Alan Rankin BID Project Leader said. “The Events and Festivals and Business Improvement grant schemes are shining examples of what a BID can do for Crieff by putting cash on the table to make things happen.”

Both schemes will open after September if the BID is voted in and the new BID board has taken up the reigns of running the BID.

As the BID Ballot approaches the Crieff Succeeds BID team have also outlined the next steps in the ballot process.

The Electoral Reform Society has been engaged by Perth and Kinross Council to undertake the postal ballot for the Crieff BID. ERS is a leading independent body and has been used for other BID ballots in Scotland.

ERS will be contacting eligible property owners who are deemed to be in the BID area with a BID Notice letter advising them of the process and timetable of the ballot. The criteria used to define an eligible property is based on; has a non-domestic rated property of over £1,000 and being within the BID area. The exclusions set by the BID Steering Group are places of worship, youth club and the emergency services. All others will be eligible to vote in the ballot.

Alan Rankin said. “The BID has 318 eligible properties with the eligible person either owning and working from the premises or being based elsewhere. The ERS BID Notice letter will go to the eligible person’s registered address.”

The BID Notice letter also outlines the process for lost papers, damaged papers or how a proxy voter may be appointed.

The postal ballot takes place between 7th May and 5pm on the 18th June.

Information about the BID and BIDs across Scotland is available at www.crieffsucceeds.co.uk

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