There are now 36 BIDS up and running across Scotland. Here is a link to other BIDs in Scotland.


Looking at other BIDS they have prioritised a mix of:

  • Marketing: BIDs can coordinate advertising campaigns or promotions to drive footfall back into the town, promote events and build seasonal tourism.
  • Environmental and cleaning issues: BIDs have set in motion street improvement projects, better signage, cleaner streets, tackled eyesores, set up shop front improvement grants. One BID employed a town handyman to keep the town looking at its best.
  • Traffic: BID can help address problems with traffic, parking, making town centres safe and attractive to pedestrians, appointing local street ambassadors to move traffic along and help visitors.
  • Cost Savings: BIDs have cut costs by businesses clubbing together to reduce refuse costs, utility bills, represented businesses in rate appeals and promoted local purchasing schemes.
  • Breathing Life: Supporting cultural, arts and sporting activities in the town so attracting more footfall and visitors to the BID area.
  • Safer Streets: Where needed BIDs can help make street safer and build a confidence in the town centre.


 Other BIDs in Scotland

To find out more about other BIDs please visit the BID Scotland website or go straight to the BID Projects page and click on any of the BIDs listed.

 Oban BID

BID4Oban successfully went to ballot and is now delivering the business plan. More information on what they are doing including a shop frontage scheme is available here