The BID Steering Group was formed from local businesses and appointed a consultant Alan Rankin as Project Leader. The group met over a 22 month period before taking the BID to a successful ballot on 18th June 2015. The Steering Group has now stood down passing the baton to the new Board. Many thanks to all who have given up so much of their time.

Meet the Team


Stephen Leckie (Chair)

Tourism Hydro Hotel

 “We’ve learned from experience from the twenty or so other towns in Scotland who have progressed their BID process to successful completion, what a great concept it is. There is no question that towns like Crieff by working together towards a great and common purpose are more successful. So many people talk about how great Crieff used to be and this process allows us to take the success forward.”


Jane Coulson

Care Home Ancaster House

 “As a new business owner in the last 18 months with close family ties to Crieff, I am passionate about working alongside other businesses to make the Crieff BID succeed. Our town centre is at the heart of the community and we need to give it a much needed boost for the benefit of locals, tourists and businesses alike. This will ensure we remain competitive for the future and protect the heart of Crieff for generations to come.”


Steuart Cuthbert

Retail JL Gill

 “Crieff, in a period of rapidly changing attitudes, will have to find new mechanisms in order to reverse the decline that most small towns are suffering. The best way for this to happen is for all interested parties to work together. The BID process is mechanism for the business community to work collaboratively with local and national governments and other community groups for the benefit of all.”


Jean Ann Scott Miller

Min Sec Crieff Community Council/BID

 “Crieff Community Council is proud to be leading the Crieff Succeeds BID. We see it as an opportunity for all of us to help ourselves, and with the goodwill and support of local businesses to set an agenda which will bring real benefits to the town. Let’s work together to make Crieff succeed!”


Graham Donaldson

Retail/Wholesale Gordon & Durward

In the beginning I was sceptical about BID and what value it had for Crieff, having listened and considered the possibilities this project opens up for Crieff I am 100% behind Crieff Succeeds. Ask yourself what other alternatives there are for improving trading in Crieff I can think of nothing else. The Whole business community working together to make a difference, look at what BIDS have done across Scotland and the World and then consider the consequences of doing nothing.

David Agnew Valentine's of Crieff

David Agnew

Retail Valentine’s of Crieff

The BID offers, this wonderful town of Crieff, an opportunity to bring us all together to work, grow and plan for our future prosperity. Living & working in Crieff I believe the BID can provide the resources for all businesses to succeed and in turn make our town an even more attractive place to live and work. The Bid is at first complex to understand and I at first did have my doubts. However, understand the process and it is clear to me that the BID is a credible and transparent process based on local accountability. The BID is a fantastic opportunity that has not been on offer before, so let’s grasp it.

Ailsa Campbell CCT Campbells the Bakers

Ailsa Campbell

Retail/Wholesale Campbell’s Bakery

A Business Improvement District for Crieff could be a huge benefit for the town’s businesses. It would give the organisation needed to help the business community thrive. As a group, Crieff’s businesses would have better buying power and be able to reduce costs as well as undertake projects that bring people back into our town. It’s a team effort rather than people trying to do things by themselves. Together Crieff can succeed!

Lorraine Davey

Lorraine Davey

Catering Blue Flax Tea Room

Crieff’s economic community deserves to prosper. For this to happen, a reliable footfall of customers to the town is needed, all year round. Customers need ease of access, choice of quality services and an attractive environment but above all, a reason to ensure that Crieff is their chosen destination. Through BID, businesses can provide the leadership for initiatives which will encourage more customers and also generate the finances to realise these goals. Then all of Crieff can benefit from success.


Graeme Bingham

Estate Agent Crieff Property & Mortgage Centre

Like many others I was very sceptical of BID, but after attending various meetings and seeing how passionate people are about Crieff, talking about how the town used to be, Like everyone else I want to hear people talk about Crieff as being a place to visit and spend time in. We all need to work for the common cause of how to better this great old town- come on, help make Crieff a more vibrant and prosperous place to be.

Chris McIntosh

Crieff Community Council

Crieff is at a cross roads and has through the BID the opportunity to manage and direct its future prosperity. The BID will bring cash and resources to the town, the lack of which in the past have restricted some great ideas and initiatives. The BID’s vision is one in which Crieff is transformed into a strong economy supported by a strengthening community. I believe if we all pull together we can make Crieff a better place for us to live and work. So, please support us in making this a reality for Crieff.

Michael Morgan