BID Budget Posted Out

At our recent Crieff BID Open Meeting on 29th January the attendees agreed that we should send out to all potential eligible property owners/tenants in the BID area the draft Activity Plan and Budget for comment. On 5th February we posted the documents to 340 business addresses.


Further information on the Crieff BID and BIDs across Scotland is available here.  The page also carries the slides and details of the presentations made at the two Open Meetings on 25th November and the 29th of January and the Proposal Summary posted out to all businesses earlier in January.


There has been a great amount of discussion and debate to date on the developing Crieff BID, however the Crieff BID Steering Group seek further input to the Activity Plan before we finalise the documentation for the full BID Business Plan. We are looking to finalise feedback by 18th February and complete the Business Plan by the end of February so please do let us know of any comments you may have.

Please email your feedback via the website contact form here

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