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Next week will see the roll out of more drop-in sessions at the Crieff Succeeds office (at the Learning Centre on Lodge Street). If you have a local business, or if you are affiliated with a local group you are more than welcome to attend. These sessions are aimed at developing the online presence of Crieff organisations by offering advice on the use of social media (primarily Facebook and Twitter), Blogging, and the creation of ‘micro-websites’. If you would like to build an online presence for your organisation and you operate within the Crieff area you’re more than welcome to come along.

Next week’s sessions will be:

Monday 7th March: Afternoon session 2pm-4pm
Wednesday 9th March: Evening session 6pm-8pm
Thursday 10th March: Morning session 8am-10am

Be sure to e-mail me in advance as spaces are limited (

If you aren’t totally familiar with social media and blogging you can read on for a quick rundown of what they are and how they can help your business:

Social media:

Social media takes many forms, basically it’s any online platform that allows the user an audience and some degree of conversation. Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms with global appeal (and very user friendly formats).

social digital facebookFacebook has a notice-board feel to it, where you post about something and people respond about it with comments, ‘likes’, and ‘shares’. Comments and shares allow you to build your audience as it encourages their ‘friends’ (people they’re linked to on Facebook) to respond also. This is where something can go ‘viral’, that is to say a post goes beyond its initial target audience and reaches new people who share similar interests. This kind of interaction with prospective customers would have cost a fortune a few decades ago (if it could have been done at all) but now we can do it for free.

social digital twitterTwitter is similar but is more themed around real-time conversation. It’s a great medium for creative and service businesses as it allows you to provide real time, personal interaction with clients/customers and prospective clients/customers. As you can imagine the potential to reach a wider audience is also present on twitter as your interaction will be seen by the other person’s ‘followers’ (similar to Facebook’s ‘friends’).

If you are used to using one of these social media platforms the other can seem a little alien but there’s no reason that a business can’t operate comfortably in both (and reach a wider audience as a result).


social digital wordpressIn some sense blogging is actually a form of social media, you create a small article (or ‘post’) which is intended to gain comments, questions, and discussion (in fact what you’re reading right now is a blog post). Blogs are social in that they encourage interaction and they can also be ‘shared’ on Facebook and Twitter.

Other social media platforms use a time-relative list of posts; basically facebook and twitter provide users with a ‘feed’ of content where posts drop down under an ever-increasing list of other posts that have been added more recently (pushing your content to the bottom of a growing list which moves it out of the line of sight for the user).

The advantage of a blog post is that it is far more permanent, and if done right it can be indexed relative to the topic it covers, so that visitors to your blog page can find more content that you’ve written on the same subject (even if this was months, or even years, ago). What’s more it saves you from having to go over the same information over and over, allowing you to provide useful information about what you do whenever you need to (with little additional time spent). Possibly the best thing about this information is that it’s information that you trust because you’re the one that wrote it.


A micro-site is very similar to a blog. In fact you’ll often use the same service to create it. The only thing that differs is that you’ll include what’s called ‘static’ content (that’s content that doesn’t need to be updated) that will be shown on pages which the user can find with a single click when they arrive on your site. An example of this might be a (small) e-commerce site where a small selection of products or services are listed on a static page and made available for sale online.

I’m happy to go over more details about these during the drop-in sessions but if you’d like more information in advance (so that we can get started on building your content during the session) then feel free to ask questions here, or alternatively e-mail me at

Hope to see you sometime next week,

All the best, John

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  1. Hilary thomson
    Hilary thomson says:

    I have dog walking and sitting services which I have Facebook page for, but am setting up new B and B business and would be interested in setting up website.

  2. John Bray
    John Bray says:

    Hi Hillary, shouldn’t be a problem at all. I saw your confirmation on Facebook so that’s you booked in. If you’ve got any questions feel free to e-mail me ( See you on Monday, all the best, John

  3. Catrina petrie
    Catrina petrie says:

    I work with accommodation providers in the local area helping them maximise their online listings and booking options. I can help easily in these areas if you need me

  4. John Bray
    John Bray says:

    Thanks Catrina, this is exactly why they’ve been called ‘workshops’, I was hoping that we could all pool our collective knowledge and help Crieff businesses show themselves off as well as possible. Having that kind of information available could be really helpful and we’d welcome you along, hopefully you would get something out of it too. Let me know which workshop(s) you might be able to attend, thanks again, all the best, John

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