OBJECTIVE: Building a strong BID team

Creation of a motivated and focused small part-time team to deliver the Business Plan and add value to projects, bring new ideas and best practice to the BID and to build working relationships with Crieff Groups.

The BID team will be a resource to make things happen and to get things done.

The BID team will focus on delivering the BID Business Plan.

Progress to date

BID Manager to lead BID projects and co-ordinate events
Liaise with local businesses and suppliers
Provide reporting of and to the BID company
Appointment of Marketing Executive
Management of Marketing Plan and provide Events and What’s On support
Appointment of Street Ambassadors (High Season & Xmas)

Our original plan:

Projects / Activities Measurement Benefits DELIVERED
• Lead BID projects
• Events co-ordination
• Liaise with local businesses and
• Report to BID Company

• Manage Marketing Plan
• Events support
• What’s On support
• Newsletters

• Financial records
• Database upkeep

• Street duties (High season & Xmas)

• Delivery of projects within business plan as per quarterly evaluation process

• Delivery within budget

• Additional funding secured and new projects initiated above the business plan

• Marketing plan objectives met

• Less than 10% database errors

• Reports to BIDS filed on time

• Confidence in BID team by local businesses

• BID Business Plan delivered on time and to budget

• Transparent business monitoring builds local confidence

• Business Manager appointed to co-ordinate and deliver BP Activities within budget

• Additional Funding secured from Visit Scotland – Growth Fund – and PKC – Economic Development

• Marketing agency – VOLPA, Perth – appointed to lead and develop Marketing Activities

• Delivery of 2017-18 Marketing Campaign – ‘Taste the Adventure’ – through a variety of channels

• Marketing Executive (part-time) appointed to develop and deliver in-house local marketing and comms strategy

• Finlaysons CA appointed to ensure transparency of all finances. Accounts prepared and submitted annually to Companies House

• All company records held on file and posted to website –

• Role of Street Ambassadors reprioritised against other elements of BP

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