Celebrating British Sandwich Week

This week we’re celebrating one of Britain’s iconic foods – the sandwich! Yes, it is officially British Sandwich Week. Whilst acknowledging that dishes involving bread and other ingredients have been eaten since bread was first baked, sandwich as we know it today, was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. The story goes, that around 1762 the notorious gambler and party animal, John Montagu, asked to be served meat between two slices of toasted bread in order to avoid interrupting a gambling game. This quickly took on and people started ordering ‘the same as Sandwich.’

On a larger scale, the Same Earl also had a set of Islands named after him, the Sandwich Isles which, unlike the familiar sandwich are no longer known by this name but as Hawaii.

The great British sandwich is such a central item in our psyche and culture that we have more different names for it than the Eskimos do for snow! From sarnies, butties and bams to baps, baguettes and piece, everywhere you go there’s a local word for the humble sandwich.

If a sandwich is your dish of choice for lunch, Crieff has a multitude of places where you can indulge in one. If a sarnie and a pint is your ideal lunch, check out The Tower Gastro Pub. They have a choice of perennial favourites such as a BLT or tuna mayo and vegetarians are particularly well catered for with their Mediterranean vegetable and Halloumi filling – delicious! The Square Bar and Kitchen also offer a wide choice of sandwiches, including the classic afternoon tea combination of smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, with the vegetarian offer of Brie, cranberry and spinach. All of which can be washed down with the drink of your choice – their gin collection is quite something!

If you prefer a cuppa with your sandwich then you’re spoilt for choice. Red Squirrel Café, The Loft and The Pavilion Café are some of the dining options available. If you love bread but not the gluten, Café Rhubarb has gluten free options, including gluten free bagels. Why not try their take on the classic New York deli dish of toasted bagel with pastrami, cheese and pickle.

If afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches, delicious cakes and scones and maybe a glass of fizz is more up your street, then Crieff Hydro, Knock Castle Hotel & Spa and Pura Maison put on a good spread.

To keep those hunger pains at bay when you’re in a hurry Subway have their famous ‘foot long’ sandwich and sandwiches made to order. Alternatively McColls and the Co-op have a good range of ready made sandwiches to grab and go.