Christmas Spectacular event report

Christmas SpectacularThis report has been a long time coming, primarily due to the fact that our primary data source was a collection of handwritten photocopied sheets containing the details of almost a thousand people who had entered the Christmas Spectacular prize draw. As you will see in the report the time required to create this report is to be taken into account when putting together any similar event in future.

This report is an assessment of how the Crieff Christmas Spectacular event fared in relation to the event objectives of bolstering awareness, increasing footfall, and finding a simpler and more cost-effective means of communicating about Crieff events.

One clear success story to be taken from the event is a substantial mailing list which should make it a lot easier (and cheaper) to share information about future Crieff events.

In regards to the success of the event itself, one factor that must be highlighted is that during the course of the event Crieff experienced gale force winds as high as 78km/h (48mph). Also worth noting is that the local state primary school (Crieff Primary School) had their carol concert on the night of the 10th potentially drawing many families away from the festivities.

The effect of these factors on overall turnout is hard to gauge as there was no comparable event in previous years from which to fix a baseline.

This report has made it clear that more advanced planning, and a more robust calendar of activities within the event, should allow for a much stronger offering if the decision is made to go ahead with a similar 2016 event.

In total 1,249 entries were gathered for the prize draw which included £3,611 worth of prizes offered up by local businesses (you can find a breakdown of prizes by clicking this link). This figure demonstrates a solid number of people in attendance at an event which suffered from factors of severe weather and cross-booking, it gives us a clear benchmark from which to compare future events. You can read full details and a breakdown of costs etc. in the full length report by clicking here.

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