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As part of the ‘Cleaner Crieff plan’ Andrew (Cuthbert) and myself assessed the condition of local drains and roads and submitted a report to PKC. The Cleaner Crieff plan (as outlined in the BID business plan) tasks Crieff Succeeds to “Identify specific areas/places to tidy up…” and report these to Perth and Kinross Council prior to the summer season to ensure that the town is at its best.

outside houseproudCrieff has experienced unusually high rainfall over the past few months (as has most of the country) and it was clear that a build-up of debris had accumulated in all but a handful of Crieff’s main drains. Some were literally filled to the top with soil, stone, and other debris (yes there is a drain hiding under all that water in the picture shown).

It was also clear that the rainfall had impacted on the state of local roads, so we decided to mark down some of the worst areas for potholes during the course of our drain survey as well.

The roads covered were the A85 from the turnoff to Rectory Road to the War Memorial on Comrie Road. We also looked at drainage in the pedestrian area of James Square, and at drains from the top of King Street down to the turnoff to the cottage hospital, we also looked at Galvelmore Street, Lodge Street, and Burrell Street (the A822, from the turnoff to Meadow place to the intersection with Comrie Road (the A85).

We know that other areas in Crieff will need attention also but we hope that our information makes it clear that the drainage situation in Crieff is not good and that the information provided prompts further investigation.

Our report was sent out last week and has had a quick and helpful responses from relevant authorities. Though it could be a bit of a push to get the work carried out before the summer. The drain clearing is apparently a quick process so shouldn’t cause too much disruption. However, though the roads clearly need it, the pothole repairs will require closed areas of the roads, this unfortunately can’t be helped. Though we’ll be sure to get any details of works to you with as much notice as possible.

You can find a copy of the report by clicking this link.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below,

All the best, John

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