Crieff Succeeds BID raises concerns over gas pipe replacement plans

Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd. (Business Improvement District) has learned that SGN intend to close a section of the A822 including the bridge over the River Earn in Crieff for a period of six weeks next summer to allow them to replace old gas pipes with new.

The timing has apparently been chosen to coincide with the school summer holidays in order to minimise disruption for school transport. From a tourism perspective, however, this is the busiest time of the year and has far reaching implications for all businesses in Crieff, not just those immediately affected by the road closure. Crieff Succeeds BID Chairman, Graham Donaldson commented “ I was deeply concerned to learn of this proposal and want to draw attention to the plan now, so that we have time to find an alternative solution, which is acceptable to the businesses of Crieff and SGN alike. The implications of closing this key road which connects Crieff to the south are substantial and would have a significant negative impact on many local businesses, with the potential to lead to some business failures.”

Levels of concern have been further exacerbated by the current pipe replacement work in King Street which is scheduled to last for four weeks and already appears to be behind schedule.

PKC have made assurances that they have not yet received or approved any plans for the works, nor an application for road closure. Crieff Succeeds BID will continue to engage with all relevant parties and work to ensure that Crieff business interests are given the priority they deserve.