Crieff Succeeds Summary Paper


Soon all businesses in the Crieff Succeeds boundary area will be receiving a copy of the Crieff Succeeds Business Plan 2021 – 2026. Aware however of how busy folk are, and in advance of the 32-page full plan which you can read at your leisure, below is a link to a summary which outlines the important details.

Crieff Succeeds 2021 -2026 Summary Document

Crieff Succeeds will also have  a table in the “Place in the Square” marquee in James Square on Saturday 26th June between 11am and 1pm if anyone wants to drop by for a chat or to ask any questions etc. Copies of the business plan will also be available.


The ballot takes place from July 1st, and I hope you will support Crieff Succeeds. Now, more than ever, it is a time to work together, and that co-operation and collaborative working is the route to a strong local economy. Crieff is doing well and has huge potential for growth and continued success. Crieff Succeeds can be the catalyst for making this happen!