Crieff Town Gift Card

A Gift Horse in the Mouth – What do you Think? 


We’ve been looking at ways of increasing the spend and footfall in the local economy and we think a Gift Card Scheme will do exactly that.

The proposed Crieff Town Card is designed to help retain spend in Crieff. What’s more, the cardholder will enjoy a larger variety of merchants to shop with than they would with a traditional store gift card. In effect, the card serves as a local currency limited for use within Crieff.

The programme uses the VISA infrastructure to provide a new, simple way for people to buy a gift for family, friends and colleagues. The recipients of the cards can then spend them at any participating retailer.

And it’s easy to get involved. It’s free for all businesses to sign up and you will be able to accept spend from consumer’s prepaid Crieff Gift Cards. And there’s lots of benefits:

  • Consumers spend on average 35% more than the value of the card they have been given
  • When they have a Gift Card, consumers explore – over 15% of redemptions are made by consumers trying a business for the first time
  • Helps in the quieter winter months – Jan/Feb are peak times for redemptions (post-Christmas)
  • No new hardware or software is required
  • No changes are required to contracts for your existing acquiring agreement
  • Visa charges a 1.5% processing fee per transaction
  • Encourages consumer spend in Crieff
  • Money is paid to you automatically as part of the merchants’ daily settlement

The Gift Cards will be available through two or three nominated local retailers in the town or via an online shop and are ideal for locals and tourists alike. They can be redeemed at any type of business – shops, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, gift shops etc and make an ideal gift.

If you would like to be part of the proposed scheme or would like more information please contact me and I’ll be glad to help.

Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd

T: 07412 847098

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