Car Parking in Crieff

We may not have one of these yet, but there’s some good news on the parking front.

We have managed to get PKC to agree to much sought after changes to the car parking in Crieff.

The arrangements introduced in 2015 were never universally popular and have not been proved to be effective.

The work, the chase and the harrying started by Andrew Cuthbert and John Bray has finally borne dividends and changes will shortly come into effect:

  • The free parking time in the King Street Car Park will now be increased to 3 hours from the current 2 hour stay.
  • In addition, the first 15 minutes in chargeable spaces will also be free.

These changes will come into force just as soon as the signs and ticket machines are changed – end of March and mid April latest.

It may be one small step for man and a victory nonetheless!!

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