Financial Management Arrangements

Any variations within budgets will be reported to the Crieff Succeeds BID Board of Directors. The Board will agree on an annual basis how funds for subsequent years will be allocated.

Decisions will be based on business feedback during the previous year and agreed priorities for the coming year, allowing Crieff Succeeds BID the flexibility to respond to changing business needs and requirements.

Collection of the Levy

Perth and Kinross Council collects the investment levy on behalf of the BID, with the funds being lodged within a BID Revenue Account. The BID levy can only be accessed by Crieff Succeeds BID and is drawn down by the Board of Directors to allow the delivery of the business plan.

The BID Revenue Account and levy cannot be accessed by Perth and Kinross Council and used by them as an additional source of income.

This arrangement helps to ensure that any financial liabilities of the BID are transparent and answerable to the business levy payers in the BID area.


In the event of any non-payment of the BID levy, it will be strongly pursued by Perth and Kinross Council (as the billing body) using the recovery powers available to them to ensure complete fairness to all the businesses that have paid. Perth and Kinross Council will be entitled to charge an additional surcharge of 10 per cent of that levy amount.