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social digitalYou may or may not know that I’ve started running weekly workshops in the Crieff Succeeds office. Initially these are aimed at developing a digital presence for those whose businesses either lack digital presence or who have a digital presence that isn’t working for them. The added bonus of this sort of event is that it will allow local business owners/representatives to meet and share ideas/experiences about business in Crieff.

There will be other workshops aimed at developing business improvement grant applications and events support grants. If you are interested in one of these topics as well please comment below or message me using the contact form on this site (with a note of your business/organisation).

Depending on feedback I receive here I will set aside time from 8am until 11am on Thursday 25th February (this Thursday) for local business owners/representatives in the Crieff Succeeds office. You don’t have to stay the whole time, but you’re more than welcome to if you would like to get a major start (I’ll have coffee, tea, and biscuits on hand). This should also leave room for those who want to pop in before they open their business for a few pointers. I do plan on running an evening workshop soon as well so please let me know if you would be interested in this.

F_icon.svgPrior to any digital workshop (this week’s included) it would be helpful to get an idea about what you want to get out of it. Social media and other forms of digital presence can be a great way for a business and their customers/clients to stay connected. It’s helpful for me if you can share your current experience of having an online presence, and compare this to your expectations, to make sure that you’re using the right form of digital presence for your business.

Things like setting up a social media account for a business are actually fairly straightforward and I’m happy to do this for you before you turn up so that you’re already set to get started when you arrive.

If you want to set up a Facebook page for your business then I will need a note of your personal facebook account (if you have one) so that I can set you up as the administrator for your account (we can sort this out privately via e-mail).

2000px-Twitter_Logo_Mini.svgTwitter is much simpler, but again I’m happy to set you up in advance so that we can go over the more day-to-day operations of a social media account. As I say, just let me know if this is something you need me to do in advance of the workshop.

We will also be looking at blogging/micro-websites. These are web sites that allow information to stay visible forever (or at least on a more permanent basis than social media), often these sites are free/low-cost to set up. Social media accounts are notoriously transient and labour intensive and so they aren’t always right for every business, blogging can be a much more rewarding form of online presence if done right.

Wordpress_logo_8If you would prefer a more stable web presence which you can add to at your own pace then blogging/a mico-website* might be more appropriate for you. If you would like to see an example of a blogging/micro-site feel free to click this link and have a look around the website I designed for the children’s book series which I write.

*Please note that blogs/micro-sites are typically geared around information and content and that adding e-commerce to these sites is often a difficult process. However, I’m happy to explain details for those who are interested in it.

If you are interested in the workshop (or if you would like to express interest in an evening version) please comment below to reserve your place and, as I say, it would be helpful at this stage if you could provide a brief summary of what you want to get out of it as well.

I look forward to hearing from you,

All the best, John

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