Help managing your utilities

Crieff Succeeds are in discussions with the MDG group to look at ways that businesses in Crieff can benefit from their experience in gaining their clients the best deals in utilities and other services. As we move into the restructuring and rebuilding phase of this crisis we would hope that this free service will be of enormous benefits to local businesses. In the interim here are five simple tips from them:

  • Avoid estimated bills – find out when your next invoice is due and submit an actual meter read. This means that you will be billed based on what you have used rather than average usage based on the last 12 months. Particularly important if you have closed your business. If possible try and take a photo of the read as this has a digital date and time capture.


  • Don’t cancel your Direct Debit to your utility supplier – Many suppliers give an extra up to 7% discount for paying by DD and you will lose this if you don’t pay in this way. It may even be a condition of your contract that you pay by DD and ceasing this arrangement may lead to you being put onto deemed (much higher) rates.


  • Advise your water supplier if your business has temporarily closed –Certain suppliers are waiving the usage (incoming water and drainage) element of their water bills during the pandemic if they are notified that the premises are Vacant. Ratable Value related charges will still be payable


  • Take advantage of low utility prices and renew your contracts early now – Despite the doom and gloom caused by Covid-19, gas and electric prices are best we have seen for a couple of years. We are advising renewing contracts with up to 18 months to run now to lock in the competitive rates currently on offer.


  • Don’t ignore utility contract renewals in the next 3 months – we will get through this crisis and we are here to help you ensure that your business operating costs are minimised going forward. With most suppliers working from home our tendering process is taking a bit longer. Our usual 1 week turnaround is now realistically 3 weeks so please bear with us and  help us to help you.