More Ideas to Mark British Sandwich Week

We’re continuing our celebration of the humble sandwich, as this is British Sandwich Week. Did you know that last year in the UK we consumed 43,000 tonnes of chicken sandwiches alone, that’s the same weight as 6006 double decker buses or 258 blue whales! Chicken is currently the nations favourite filling, with more than 31% of all sandwiches sold consisting of it. The next most popular filling is ham followed by egg – surprisingly conventional when you think of the range of exotic fillings on offer in most stores!

In the last blog we focussed on places to buy sandwiches in Crieff, in this one we’re looking at where you can buy the ingredients to build your perfect sandwich. We’re fortunate to be spoilt for choice in Crieff, with great local bakers and deli’s stocking a huge range of both Scottish and international foodie treats from cheeses and cured meats to olives, hummus and sun-dried tomatoes.

So, to begin at the beginning, first choose the type of bread you’d prefer to make your sandwich from. Campbells Bakery make a wide range of bread and rolls on the premises and were voted ‘Best Bread in Scotland’ for their granary bread in the 2017 Scottish Baker of the Year Awards. Tower Bakery also stocks a wide range of bread and rolls, their floury softies make a great basis for a BLT. The Crieff Food Company stock a wide range of breads, including the delicious sourdough from Comrie based artisan baker, Wild Hearth.

Then there’s a question of the filling, do you prefer a traditional one such as Scottish Cheddar, ham and pickle, the New York deli staple of Pastrami, pickles and cheese or the Mediterranean option of feta, mint, sun-dried tomato and olive?

If cheese is a key ingredient for your perfect sandwich then The Crieff Food Company has a large selection of Scottish and international cheeses to choose from. Lady Mary cheese from the Strathearn Cheese Company, is flavoured with locally foraged wild garlic and is delicious. If you’re partial to a bit of chutney with your cheese, J L Gills have a range of locally grown and produced Dalchonzie chutneys – the beetroot and apple chutney is great with Isle of Mull Cheddar.

Looking for a range of home cured meats to give your sandwich substance then look no further than McNees, who also stock a range of delicious olives and sun dried tomatoes. The Handy Shop can provide you with all of the fresh salad, herbs and crunchy vegetables you need to give your sandwich the finishing touch.

Our current favourite sandwich is hummus, grated carrot and coriander on multigrain bread, what’s yours?