Introducing the Crieff Town Page

The Crieff Town Facebook Page is now up and running, we thought you’d like to know more about why we started it, how it will be used and how you can promote your business on it.

Crieff Succeeds BID is responsible for promoting the interests of more than 300 Crieff based businesses from shops, restaurants and B&B’s to garages, undertakers, builders and plumbers. Each business has its own specific audience and marketing communications needs making this an enormous task.

To meet these disparate needs, Crieff Succeeds BID has launched a dedicated Crieff page on Facebook called Crieff Town Page. It’s strapline is: ‘Of the town, for the town local news, events and promotions for Crieff residents, businesses and community groups.’

Why do we need it?

The vision is that the Crieff Town Page will become the first page Crieff residents choose to visit to find a tradesman or to see what events are happening or which business has a sale or promotion running, rather than having to visit many individual pages. In order for this to work properly we need you to regularly update your Facebook pages. Ideally you should also let us know when you have a particular event or promotion scheduled so that we can ensure that this information is posted onto the Crieff Town Page.

To help manage this page and other marketing activities, I am pleased to tell you that we have a dedicated part-time marketing and communications executive in place, Ruth Williams. Ruth has been in post for a few weeks now and is already beginning to make an impact.

Get involved

Please email Ruth ruth.crieffsucceeds@gmail.com with your details and she will ensure that they are posted onto the page. She will also monitor your Facebook pages and repost or share your posts onto the Crieff Town Page wherever possible, bearing in mind that monitoring in excess of 300 pages is a large task.