Letter to Crieff BID Businesses

22nd June 2015

Dear Colleague

Crieff Succeeds Business Improvement District (BID) Company

Crieff will soon have its own Business Improvement District Company. The recent ballot for the BID was successful, with the following results:

  • Number of votes cast – 192 with 134 (69.79%) voting in favour of the BID.
  • Turnout by headcount was 60.31%
  • The total of the rateable value that voted was £4,059,000 with £3,563,975 (87.80%) in favour of the BID.

The vote was therefore successful on all counts required by law and a BID company will become operational on 1st September 2015. The company will be non-profit making and limited by guarantee, with its purpose being to deliver the objectives of the 5 year Crieff Succeeds BID Business Plan.

What happens now?

  1. A registered company will be created by 1st September 2015.
  2. A BID Board of Directors will be appointed.
  3. All businesses located within the BID boundary with a rateable value of £1,000 or more will now be required, from 1st September 2015, to pay the levy set out in the Business Plan, according to the rateable value of their business premises. Perth & Kinross Council will issue levy invoices on behalf of the BID company along with payment details.
  4. A Crieff Succeeds BID Manager will be recruited.

Nominations for the Crieff Succeeds BID Company Board

The outgoing Steering Group is now seeking nominations from those eligible businesses (all eligible levy payers) located within the BID area to create the BID Board of Directors. There will be a minimum of 12 and maximum of 16 directors. Two places on the Board will be reserved for PKC.

On behalf of the BID Steering Group, I would like to invite business representatives to nominate themselves for a place on the new BID Company Board. Whatever the size of your business, we want to hear from you if you share the BID’s vision for a vibrant town with an engaged and involved business community. Please use the enclosed Nomination Form.

A seat on the BID Board of Directors will involve active participation for a period of at least 3 years and involvement in all aspects of delivering the content of the BID Business Plan. It will require attendance at a minimum of 75% of meetings per year and you will be representing all the businesses located in the BID area.

Board Ballot Process

  • This letter has the following enclosures:
    1. BID Board Nomination Form inviting each individual to nominate themselves to sit on the BID Company Board. Nomination Forms must be returned by mid-day on 10th July.
    2. Guidelines as to Directors’ Code of Conduct.
  • Upon receipt of the nominations there will be two courses of action:
    1. If there are 14 or fewer nominations, each of the nominations will be confirmed to serve as directors of the BID Board.
    2. If there are 15 or more nominations, a secret postal ballot will be carried out:
      • On 13th July each eligible voter will be sent, by post, a voting slip listing each candidate.
      • Each eligible voter will vote for one candidate and return the form by post by 5pm on 12th August to an independent panel of three persons. Voters will have one vote and will not have multiple votes should they be multiple property owners.
      • On completion of the count by 14th August, each successful and unsuccessful candidate will be contacted by the BID Project Leader to advise them of the outcome. On the same day, the results will be posted to the Crieff Succeeds website and confirmed to local media.

Should you require more details on the responsibilities involved with being a BID Board Director, please feel free to contact Alan Rankin, BID Project Co-ordinator on 07785 722936 or myself.

The success of the Crieff BID will be down to the effort, energy and commitment given by the Board and supporting businesses. Please give the above your full consideration as a successful BID can provide for a more positive future for Crieff.

Yours sincerely and on behalf of the Crieff Succeeds BID Steering Group.

Stephen Leckie

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