Need A Helping Hand?

Need A Helping Hand?

Have you ever needed an extra pair of hands – for just a couple of hours, or just a couple of days? Temporary staff that could tide you over?

Have you ever had a job that needs doing and you haven’t got the manpower to do it at a time when you need to – a hole to be dug, a kitchen to be deep-cleaned, a fence to put up? The list is endless.

Or, do you know of anyone who has a few spare hours, is flexible and would like to earn a little £ extra on a freelance basis?

Well, we might have just the scheme for you. Together with pHReedom, we are exploring if there is any mileage in establishing an ‘employment bank’ that businesses can dip in to when they have a short term need for additional workers.

There’s some research to be done first and if you’re interested to learn more, follow the link.


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