New and Improved Website

Crieff Succeeds BID New Website

We have spent the last couple of weeks working on the BID website to make it more user friendly.

Everything you wanted to know about Crieff Succeeds and were afraid to ask, is now more easily accessible on the new revamped site – www.crieffsucceeds.co.uk

  • Annual reports, budgets and accounts to view
  • Business improvement grants, how to apply & who’s already benefitted
  • Events Support Grant Scheme, objectives and previously supported events
  • Progress to date on delivering the Business Plan
  • All the latest news
  • How BID functions, whose involved and why

In the future we intend to add a business directory to the site for the benefit of local businesses and residents alike. It will take time to ensure that everyone is included and that all the contact details are correct.

It won’t happen over-night and your help would make our task easier. If you’d like to make this happen sooner, please email your full company name and contact details to ruth.crieffsucceeds@gmail.com.

We hope you find the website clearer to use, more concise and easier to navigate around.

Finally, in order to ensure you continue to receive our emails please add my email address to your contact address book.

Kind regards

Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd

T: 07412 847098