Not Just Any Old Survey

This is not just any old survey!

This may not be for all of you. And if you have a business in Hospitality, Accommodation and Retail or are affected in anyway by tourism, read on.

There is a general perception within the business community in Crieff that PKC is primarily concerned with the development and promotion of Perth city, as evidenced by the present drive for City of Culture and the amount of money which has already been set aside for that project.

We are told that there will be ‘a trickle down’ effect to benefit the whole of Perth and Kinross, but no evidence of this has been offered and it remains a distant prospect, dependent on Perth’s ultimate success.

Nevertheless, over the last 3 months we have been working very closely with Visit Scotland to develop a marketing proposition for Crieff. Any and all information we can provide will help give local tourism associations, local authorities, and tourism businesses a greater insight into tourism trends and patterns within Perthshire.

What we’d like you to do is take part in the Perthshire Tourism Barometer. This new survey provides a unique opportunity to capture and measure business performance and is designed to give us a picture of what is happening at a local level.

By investing 10 -15 minutes of your time to complete this online survey, your business’ performance and your thoughts are anonymously recorded and combined with those of your peers. This then provides a snapshot of how tourism in the Perthshire area is doing now and also potential future performance.

The more businesses that participate, the better the findings, and the more informed we can all be. We can then develop a profile specific to Crieff.

Please follow the link to complete the short survey. The deadline for completion is Friday 12th May.


The results could potentially drive and influence development opportunities and strengthen any funding applications. At a time when all the focus and any investment appears to be very much Perth based, we need to take every opportunity we can to build a case for Crieff.

The businesses of Crieff are key to providing this insight, and your participation will enable us to build a stronger case.


Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd

T: 07412 847098


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