Results Are Now In

Some of you recently took part in the pilot Perthshire Tourist survey and the results are now in.


The main purpose of the survey is to provide a greater insight into tourism trends and patterns within Perthshire.

Whilst the Great British Tourism Survey achieves its purpose in providing a national picture of tourism to the UK, it is not designed to paint the picture at a local level.

Follow the links for more details, with reports as follows:


There were over 100 responses, with Crieff outperforming all areas in terms of participation in the survey. This allowed Visit Scotland to compile the only area specific report.

Businesses are obviously key to providing this insight which can help shape and be part of an evolving and wider strategy. This can potentially drive and influence development opportunities, and strengthen funding applications. And ultimately help Crieff.

The survey will be repeated on a quarterly basis and all results will be posted to the BID website.

I hope you find them of interest.


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