Shop in Crieff Campaign

Crieff Succeeds BID are launching a campaign to encourage Crieff residents to shop locally, keep an eye out for the article in next weeks Herald. The initiative, ‘Just One’, asks consumers to stop and think about what impact their shopping decisions are having on Crieff’s economy. One sobering fact to emerge recently is that Scotland is losing shops faster than any other part of Britain, (according to PwC), with one in ten retail units now empty.

Helping the economy of Crieff
The campaign focuses on the idea that if everyone were to buy one thing locally that they would normally buy elsewhere, it would have a direct positive influence on the economy of Crieff. Research has shown that for every £1 spent, around 70p stays within the local economy.

The campaign also highlights the fact that most local business owners live in Crieff and the surrounding areas too and that by shopping locally consumers are helping people they know to make a living. This in turn creates local employment, keeping the money in the area rather than funding some large corporation or faceless executive miles away.

Getting the message out there
We will promote local business interests with a monthly advertorial in the Herald, a regular blog on the Crieff Town Facebook page and articles in the Crieff and Comrie Quair continuing the theme of ‘Just One’.

If you have any ideas of how we can promote this concept further we’d love to hear from you.