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We’re trying to highlight the things that make Crieff great and to do that properly we need to hear from you. We’ve drafted up a quick survey that we’d love you to fill in. If we start marketing Crieff without asking what you think we’ll miss what makes our town special, on top of that the idea of Crieff that gets sent out will feel inauthentic and dry.

We need your stories, we need you to tell us about your favourite things, activities, places, people, basically anything that makes this town special for you. If you feel like sharing pictures of these things then that’s even better.

Lady Mary's Walk Crieff

Lady Mary’s Walk, Crieff

For my part I think of the schools I went to (though one of them is now a playing field :P), the shops in the high street that were good to me (especially when I was a teenager), Taylor and MacRosty parks (during study-leave me and my friends used to bring a couple of guitars down to the bandstand…after we’d studied of course), and Crieff Hydro (me and my friends used to sneak in to the ceilidhs they hold for guests at Christmas time), I even had my first kiss just outside what’s now Care Dental.

When I start going through things properly it’s hard to stop. Probably one of the places in Crieff that I’ve spent the most time at is Lady Mary’s walk, I hung out with friends, swam in the river, walked there with my wife before we got married, and we take our kids down there to play all the time now.

There’s also WB Dodds in Burrell Street, who let a ten year old John raid their old wood, and other scrap, so that I could make a raft, which I launched and then sank down at what’s now the salmon ladder at Taylor Park (I did fish it out after). There was also Alistair’s computer shop in the square where you used to be able to hire a PC and a game and play a networked game with your friends for a few hours. I’ve lived here since I was seven, as you’ll probably find too, it’s not easy honing this kind of thing down (and apologies for running on a bit).

A big part of what I love about this town is the fact that even though it’s larger than a village (and still growing) you still feel connected. I’ve lived in other places where it was easy to become anonymous and I’ve got to say I didn’t take well to it. I like being somewhere that folk know my business, I like knowing the people I walk past in the street every day (even if I only know them as someone’s granny/mum/brother/auntie). There’s something really human about living somewhere like Crieff.

If you’ve got stories of your own, as I say, feel free to share them here (and on the wee survey we’ve put together, please note that the survey closes on the 11th March). It’ll really help us make sure that when we advertise Crieff, or put on events, or even when we’re just talking about the town to the press, the Crieff we’re talking about will be one you’ll recognise.

Look forward to hearing from you, all the best, John

(Main image credit to Martin Addison, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence)

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