Strathearn Festival of Science

Strathearn Festival of Science

Earlier in February the Strathearn Festival of Science was given approval for a grant of £2000 with an allowance for this to stretch to £3000 if the event required it. The Science festival ran an extensive programme of events including “Whiskyomics – The Science of Whisky” (that one was strictly for over 18s) and a gruesome look at zombie genetics (with a real chunk of real science drawn in with the zombie elements) called “Genes of the Damned” (a lot of fun but not for the wee ones/the faint of heart).

The ‘Science Fun Factory’ was the huge big family-friendly science extravaganza that was the real focal point of the festival, they even had ‘Cosmos’ (a pop-up planetarium). Door numbers show that at least 1300 people came along to enjoy this portion of the event, with some people travelling by bus from Perth specifically for the festival (under duress from children who had enjoyed a sample at one of the satellite school events earlier in the week). This is a big surge from the 800 they saw last year and we hope to see this event grow even more in the future.

I brought my own kids down to the Fun Factory and they had an absolute blast. Other visitors to the fun factory had this to say (source, facebook event page):

2016-02-27 15.38.31 (2)“Fantastic week and today was tremendous thank you so much to the organisers, we have learned so much”

“We had a great time, there was loads of interesting stuff to do, superb event, bigger than last year, and more people.”

“Thank you to the organisers and volunteers for a fantastic event! We all loved it. Hope you can do it next year. Well done.”

As you may know the Strathearn Artspace in Comrie Street is currently being renovated but I imagine that it will feature as an important venue within next year’s festival programme as we see this popular event grow even more and draw crowds to various parts of the town. The science festival is certainly unusual but it seems to have provided a welcome change for locals and visitors alike.

Please note that we still have money in the pot for match-funded event-support grants, so if you know anyone who is hosting a Crieff event please ask them to get in touch (

I hope you had a chance to enjoy some part of the Strathearn Festival of Science, if you did please tell us what you thought in the comments section below.

All the best, John

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