Street theatre event scheduled for Crieff

Crieff Succeeds will be holding a street theatre event  in the centre of Crieff  between The 10th and 14th of March. The event was inspired by the story of the burning of Crieff and Strathearn during the Jacobite rebellions and aims to raise the profile of Crieff, bring visitors to the town and provide an opportunity for Crieff residents to find out more of the history of Crieff in a fun, interactive, family friendly way.

Visitors will experience a virtual journey back three hundred years during a guided walk through Crieff.  They will be able to listen to tales from the town at a time when the Jacobites clashed with redcoats, and drovers passing through from the Highlands caused havoc amongst the locals. There will be will be on site performances that are both fun and enlightening, spirited and inspirational.

From the fearless Rob Roy McGregor to Bonny Prince Charlie and the retreat of the Jacobites when Crieff was burned to the ground, the event will focus on the history of the town during this tumultuous time. Visitors will be provided with a headset to hear the stories as the guide takes them on the walk, encountering various characters along the way. The walk will depart from the meeting point in Lower Leadenflower car park and culminate at James Square.

If you have an would like to know more about this exciting event  please contact marketing.crieffsuceeds@gmail.com