Supporting local business week

In conjunction with local business week, which this year runs between May 13th and 19th, we are celebrating the diversity of businesses within our town and using it to remind everyone to get behind their local businesses by shopping locally.

In Crieff we are fortunate to still have a healthy mix of independent shops including traditional ones such as fishmongers, butchers, grocers, bakers and shoe shops, all of which are fast disappearing from our High Streets. By buying just one thing from one of these businesses that you would normally buy in a supermarket or online, you are doing your bit to help ensure that Crieff stays this way.

There are many other reasons for shopping locally too:

• it’s more ethical to buy locally sourced seasonal ingredients
• independent shops are more likely to sell quirky one-off items
• small business owners know their stock and their business well so can give you help and advice
• it’s nice to be known and to have a chat whilst doing your shopping.

Last year Crieff Succeeds launched The Crieff Card to help keep spend in the town and encourage people to shop locally. The card is widely accepted across Crieff and its awareness and usage continue to grow. If you would be interested in joining the scheme please get in touch with David: david.crieffsucceeds@gmail.com