Utilities Savings Day

Crieff Succeeds BID ltd. will be hosting a Utilities Savings Day event on Wednesday 7th November.

A key priority of many BIDs is to help businesses offset their levy payment by reducing operating costs. That’s exactly what Crieff Succeeds is offering, in partnership with Eyebright Ltd, who have helped more than 90% of the businesses they work with to offset their BID levy, and more.

Eyebright have helped hundreds of businesses to do this by reducing their utility bills and by saving them time and effort. They offer independent guidance and a personal end-to-end service for gas, electricity, water, and telecoms contracts, as well as energy and water saving solutions.

Eyebright’s ethos is to save businesses time, money, and effort on their utilities to increase their profitability and if applicable, help them to become more environmentally friendly.

Their industry leading experts will guide you through the entire process, from an initial consultation to finding the contracts best suited to your needs, to processing your contract renewal or switch if you choose to go forward with one of the options presented to you. And best of all……its free to all Crieff Succeeds BID Levy payers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save time, money and effort on your utility bills. Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd. will be hosting a Utilities Saving Day on Wednesday 7th November at The Tower Gastro Pub & Apartments from 9am until 11am. Join us for a coffee, a bacon roll and a presentation from Stephen Martin of Eyebright on what they can do for you and your business. You will also be able to arrange a meeting with an Eyebright consultant or just provide the information which will enable them to do the work for you remotely.

If you can’t make the presentation don’t worry, You can also call Stephen Martin on 07907 853675 or email him at s.martin@eyebrightutilities.co.uk to have a chat or to arrange for them to drop by and see you.

Whether you’re an owner or a landlord, this scheme is something that we know will be successful and which we would actively encourage you to make use of.

If you would like to attend please email David:  david.crieffsucceeds@gmail.com by Friday 2nd November to ensure that we have enough bacon rolls and coffee to go round!