A New Year, A New Beginning

As the New Year slowly disappears over the horizon we can turn our sights well and truly on the year ahead.

We have a lot of things in the pipeline and to help us deliver them we are delighted to welcome Avril Smith to the BID team. Avril joined us just before Christmas in a part-time marketing role and brings with her a wealth of business knowledge and experience. She’s no stranger to the town and owns P and A Eyecare with her husband, Peter.

Running her own business, Avril is well placed to understand some of the challenges and frustrations facing us all. She has tasked herself to shine a spotlight on all our great Crieff businesses – from the butcher and the baker, through to the candlestick maker. As part of that role, over the coming months Avril will be out visiting you to ensure we know about and can share all your good news stories, offers and events and help build connections between businesses and their customers.

Be sure to follow the Crieff Business Page and Visit Crieff Page on Facebook and watch out for our monthly advertorials in the local press! Always happy to hear from anyone – whether its through Avril’s visits or by calling in to the BID office now fully up and running in the Town Hall.

On a related issue, we will be installing CCTV in the Town Hall to help with the security of our staff, directors, visitors and assets alike. The Board has agreed that any aggressive behaviour directed towards staff or Board members will be reported directly to the Police.

Finally, the year ahead has great promise and with your help we can make it even better. Please make Avril welcome as she continues the great work already started over the last 2 years and helps us restore Crieff’s reputation as a place to visit and shop and a more attractive place to do business.

Best wishes for a successful and prosperous 2018

Graham Donaldson


Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd

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